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KPO Services


Telecom Billing: Retail Billing, Wholesale Billing, Managing Rate Files, Managing least cost routing, Generation of CDR’S Consumption calculation.

Invoicing: includes generation of invoices, printing of invoices & mailing it to customers, Real Time Reporting & generation of matrices with generation of Low ASR, E-mail Alerts.

Payment Processing: Processing of thousands of processing slips per hour, Secure & accurate record keeping, Backup of all the payment records, Electronic archiving of all the bills & payments.

Revenue Assurance: Credit management, Least-Cost-Routing errors, Interconnect/Partner payment errors, Poor processes systems, Optimized call routing errors, Rating pre-paid charging errors.

Mortgage Landing: Loan underwriting support, Loan verification, Property Tax servicing, new loan set-up, Rate Modification, Mortgage Customer service, Seller/Broker queries, Document Management, Collateral management, Payment Processing, Collections, Escrow & broker administration.

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ImageInternet Service Provider

We are India's leading provider of end-to-end services network.

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24x7 Customer Care, Technical help desk Care, Toll Free Services    .

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24x7 Customer Care, Data Processing Care, Technical help desk

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Technical / NOC Support, 24x7 Customer Care, NOC Center Care, 


KPO Services

KPO, Telecom Billing, Invoicing, Payment Processing

ImageSoftware Development
Software Development, Web Development CRM, SEO, Telecom, E-Commerce